Mississippi Chiropractic Association By-Laws


1. Name The name of this organization shall be the Mississippi Chiropractic Association and it may hereafter be referred to as the MCA.

2. Purpose The purpose of the Mississippi Chiropractic Association includes

To promote, advance, and protect the science of chiropractic, the public generally, and the professional welfare of its members.
To strive for a better understanding and harmonious relation between chiropractors, and between the profession and the public.
To conduct scientific research in all phases of chiropractic, compile and preserve data resulting from such research, and provide a medium for mutual assistance and cooperation between all chiropractors.


1. Membership Committee The Executive Board shall constitute the Membership Committee. All applications for membership shall be made on forms furnished by the MCA, and until all requirements designated thereon are complied with, no membership shall become effective.

Regular Membership Any chiropractor who is licensed and who is actually practicing chiropractic is eligible for membership in this association. (Only members practicing in Mississippi can vote.)
Student Membership Any chiropractic student in good standing with his/her college.
Associate Member Shall consist of those individuals and/or companies with an interest in promoting or supporting chiropractic.

2. Dues Anyone who is applying for MCA membership must follow the fee structure set on the MCA application.

3. Emeritus/Lifetime Membership May be granted without dues or voting privileges to chiropractors who have practiced fifty (50) years or more, or at the discretion of the board of directors of MCA. Life membership dues are complimentary.

4. Honorary Membership May be granted without dues or voting privileges to Doctors of Chiropractic or laypersons that have made outstanding contributions to the profession, or becomes disabled or handicapped etc. at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


1. Dues Dues are established by the Board of Directors and due January 1st of each year. Prorated dues will be allowed as approved by MCA Board of Directors.

2. Fiscal Year The fiscal year begins January 1st and ends December 31st of each year.

3. Delinquency Any member of the Association who is delinquent in dues for a period of thirty (30) days is notified of the delinquency and suspended from membership until dues are paid. For voting privileges, dues must be paid a minimum of ten (10) days prior to the vote.

4. Refunds No dues will be refunded.


1. Directors The governing body of the Association is the Board of Directors, which has authority and is responsible for the supervision, control, and direction of the Association.

The Executive Board shall consist of President, First Vice-President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and ex-Officio. Members of the executive Board shall be bonded.
The Board of Directors shall consist of The Executive Board plus elected or appointed district representatives.
The board of directors of the Mississippi Chiropractic association, referred to as (MCA) shall hire a full time employee in the position of MCA Executive Director. The Executive Director shall be bonded.

2. Qualifications

Executive Board members must have been in active practice in Mississippi for two (2) consecutive years and a member of MCA in good standing for two (2) consecutive years. No persons may hold more than one office at the same time. Officers may serve consecutive terms with the exception of the president, who may only serve 2 consecutive terms. The President of MCA shall not serve concurrently as the Chairman of the MSBCE during his/her term of office in MCA.
District Representatives must be in active practice in MS and voting members of MCA.
Alternates must meet the same criteria as the district representative.
No two members of the MCA executive board may practice in the same office.

3. Election and Term of Office Each recognized district shall elect a representative and alternate prior to the annual convention. The Executive Board shall be elected every other year for a two-year term at the fall business meeting by a simple majority of the votes cast. The MCA treasurer shall provide a list of eligible voting members prior to elections. The Board of Directors shall be installed at the annual business meeting. Newly elected officers shall assume office thirty (30) days after installation.

The MCA Board of Directors shall determine recognized geographical districts and such districts shall be outlined on the MCA application for membership.

4. Eight Geographical Districts

District One Desoto, Alcorn, Union, Lee, Marshall, Tishomingo, Prentiss, Panola, Benton, Tate, Pontotoc, Yalobusha, Tippah, Lafayette,
and Itawamba.
District Two Tunica, Coahoma, Quitman, Bolivar, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Leflore, Grenada, Carroll, Montgomery, Washington, Humphreys, and Holmes.
District Three Calhoun, Clay, Webster, Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Monroe, Chickasaw, and Choctaw.
District Four Issaquena, Yazoo, Warren, Hinds, Claiborne, Simpson, Sharkey, Madison, Rankin, and Copiah.
District Five Attala, Winston, Noxubee, Leake, Kemper, Scott, Newton, Clarke, Smith, Jasper, Lauderdale, and Neshoba.
District Six Jefferson, Wilkinson, Pike, Lawrence, Franklin, Walthall, Amite, Adams, and Lincoln.
District Seven Wayne, Marion, Forrest, Perry, George, Covington, Jones, Jefferson Davis, Lamar, and Greene.
District Eight Pearl River, Hancock, Jackson, Harrison, and Stone.

5. Vacancies If a vacancy occurs among the district representatives and/or alternates, for any reason, the position is filled for the un-expired portion of the term by the Board members.

6. Meetings The Board of Directors meets at least quarterly at whatever time and place it selects. The presence of any ten directors constitutes a quorum. A majority of directors where a quorum is present is necessary to make a decision except where some other number is required by law or by these bylaws. Proxy voting is permitted. District Alternates are recognized to vote only when the district representative is not present.

7. Removal A district representative and/or alternate may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the regular membership in his/her district.

8. Compensation Directors do not receive compensation for their services.

9. Geographical districts may be altered, changed, or split at the discretion of the MCA Board.


Executive Board.

1. Duties Each member of the Executive Board shall perform those duties that are usual to their position and that are assigned to them by the Board of Directors.

The President of the Association acts as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The President shall serve as presiding officer at all MCA meetings, call the assembly to order, uphold the honor and dignity of the organization, and make an effort to settle amiably all questions. He/She shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall appoint the following standing committees and any other committees deemed applicable: Convention, Legislative, Budget, Insurance, Public Relations, and By-Laws.
The First Vice-President acts in place of the President when the President is not available. He/She shall attend all meetings of the MCA and assist the President as needed. He/She shall serve as Chairman of the Membership Committee as designated in Article II, Number 1.
The Second Vice President acts in place of the First Vice President when the First President is not available. He/She shall attend all meetings of the MCA and assist the President as needed. The Second Vice President shall serve as Chairman of the Public Relations Committee.
The Treasurer shall have custody of all financial records of the MCA and shall perform such other duties as described in Robert's Rules of Order and as the Executive Board of Directors may from time to time prescribe. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds belonging to the MCA. He/ She shall keep a correct record of all monies and properties turned over to him/her and in the absence of an executive director pay all bills approved by the Executive Board of Directors that have been approved in the budget. Any expenses not approved in the budget must be approved prior to any financial commitment. The Treasurer shall be bonded. The Treasurer shall make available to all MCA members at all MCA business meetings a complete and correct account of all monies and properties entrusted to his/her care.
The Secretary shall make available to all MCA members at business meetings of MCA all records and minutes entrusted to his/her care. The Secretary shall at all time act as Secretary of the Executive Board of Directors.
Ex-Officio member is a voting member of the Executive Board whose duty is to aid in a smooth transition between executive boards.
The duties of the MCA Executive Director shall be, but not limited to, the management of the day to day operations of MCA; to negotiate with qualified instructors and facilities and all other duties that have become incumbent upon the operation of this position for continuing education purposes as stated by the Mississippi Chiropractic Act. The Executive Director may also act from time to time, when necessary, under the direction of the MCA Executive Board of Directors, which include the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ex-Officio, and Legislative Chairman.

2. Vacancies If a vacancy occurs among the Executive Board, the position is filled for the unexpired portion of the term by the Board of Directors.


1. Meetings.

Annual Business Meeting and Continuing Education Seminar shall be held at least once each year. The dates for said meetings shall be set by the Board of Directors of the MCA.
The President shall call special meetings of the MCA at any time upon written request by two-thirds of members of the Executive Board or by a two-thirds vote of the members of MCA.
At business meetings, the members of the MCA shall be presented all affairs of the MCA for discussion and deliberation and shall by resolution and recommendation assist the Board of Directors in handling all matters pertaining to MCA.
A quorum should consist of a simple majority of MCA membership and is required at the regular or special meetings of the MCA.
Motions and resolutions passed by a majority of the members present at a meeting of the MCA shall be mandatory and binding upon the Executive Board to execute to the best of its ability.
The time and location of the Annual Business Meeting and Continuing Education Seminar shall be set by the Board of Directors who shall notify the entire membership of the decision at least forty five (45) days preceding dates of said meeting.


1. Proposed Changes of By-Laws (initiative) Proposed changes and/or amendments of the by-laws of the MCA may be initiated by petition, signed by at least one tenth of the MCA membership and filed with the secretary. The proposed changes and/or amendments shall be mailed to the MCA membership at least fifteen (15) days prior to the vote. Any such measure shall be voted on at the annual meeting or at a special meeting for that purpose. Two-thirds of the members voting is required for the changes and/or amendments; however, if the Board of Directors feels it necessary to make expedient changes and/or amendments, it may have discussion and vote. Two-thirds of the Board of Directors shall be required for changes and/or amendments. Such changes shall be presented to the general membership for ratification at the next general membership meeting.

2. Amendment All proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be mailed to each member of the MCA by the secretary at least fifteen (15) days preceding the time said amendments are to be considered and any amendment shall be adopted by two-thirds vote of the members voting.

3. Parliamentary Procedure Robert's Rules of Order, except where it conflicts with Charter Provision or By-Laws of this Association, shall govern the proceedings of the MCA and of the Board of Directors.


1. Appointments require membership.

The Mississippi Chiropractic Association shall only support the appointment of any chiropractor to the MS State Board of Chiropractic Examiners (MSBCE) if that candidate is a dues-paying, full member of' the MCA and is in active chiropractic practice in MS. Notice shall be sent to the Governor each year regarding all MSBCE members (excluding the executive secretary, the Medical Doctor, and the attorney) regarding their current participation in MCA and their continued goodwill and good wishes pertaining to Chiropractic in Mississippi.
The MCA shall only support any chiropractor for election, re-election or appointment to any state office or position if he/she is in good standing as a member of MCA and has shown his/her good intentions for the representation of all Chiropractors in MS.


1. Canon of Ethics The Canon of Ethics, as hereby designed, shall govern the conduct of members of the MCA and their relations with one another and the public which are as follows.

Canon of Ethics

Canon I: General MCA Members shall at all times be guided by the highest standards of moral conduct in all dealings with patients, the general public, and other members of the profession.

Canon II: Doctor-Patient Relationship

The health and welfare of the patient shall always come first; and financial gain shall be a secondary consideration.
The right of a patient to choose his/her own method of getting well shall be recognized and respected; however, the Doctor of Chiropractic shall have a right to expect patient's cooperation as a condition precedent to acceptance of the case.
The Doctor of Chiropractic shall always be free to accept or reject a potential patient, bearing in mind that whenever possible he/she should respond to any reasonable request for his/her services in the interest for his/her services in the interest of public health and welfare. Once he /she has accepted a patient, the Doctor of Chiropractic has a duty not to neglect or abandon the case for any reason, nor to with­draw from the case until he/she has given sufficient notice to permit the patient an opportunity to secure another professional attendant.
The Doctor of Chiropractic owes his/her patient the highest degree of skill and of which he/she is capable. To this end he/she shall constantly endeavor to improve his/her knowledge and skill in the Science and Art of Chiropractic.
It shall be the normal obligation of a Doctor of Chiropractic to serve the sick and to be alert at all times to the welfare of the patient. What a Doctor of Chiropractic sees and hears concerning his/her patients shall be kept inviolate.

Canon III: Professional and Public Relationship.

Disagreements and controversies within the membership shall be adjudicated through the MCA or its Board of Directors, whenever possible, without involving any person outside the profession.
The individual Doctor of Chiropractic shall not criticize his/her colleagues publicly in or outside the office.
Individual Doctors of Chiropractic shall not assume to speak for the chiropractic profession nor for the MCA. He/She should qualify his/her remarks as his/her own personal opinion and not necessarily that of his/her profession, nor of the MCA.
An MCA member shall maintain professional dignity at all times and under all circumstances and be respectful and considerate of all people and their rights as citizens in a free society.
No member shall take legal action affecting the chiropractic profession as a whole until such action has been approved by the MCA or the Board of Directors.
No member shall cause a bill to be introduced in the legislature nor advocate the enactment of any measure affecting the profession until, and unless, such proposal shall have been approved by MCA membership or the Board of Directors.
It is not supposed that these rules of conduct are the rules which should be observed. The reward for the observance of those rules will be the good will and respect of the public.

Canon IV: Seal The seal of the Corporation shall contain the words, "The Mississippi Chiropractic Association" in circular form.

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